We are the Electric Ponies, a team of about thirty software developers. We gallop at Polyconseil, a consulting firm in Paris, France. We write software, deploy it, add bugs and then do it again.

Polyconseil is a consulting firm that specializes in telecom, media and smart-city related activities. The company employs consultants in IT services as well as software developers and architects who design technical solutions for its clients. Polyconseil is part of Blue Solutions.

Blue Solutions, listed on the stock market since October 30 2013, consolidates the electricity storage business activities undertaken by the Bolloré Group. These electricity storage solutions are used in mobile and stationary applications that are developed and marketed as Blue Applications by other entities of the Group.

Projects we work on

Mostly management systems and embedded software for large scale car sharing services (in Europe and the United States) and energy storage services (in France and West Africa). A couple of examples below:

Autolib' Source London

We brought to life one of the biggest car-sharing and car charging system in the world. Autolib in Paris was the pilot project with more than 100,000 car rentals a week as of end of 2015. Similar systems have been deployed in Singapore, Lyon (France), Bordeaux (France), Indianapolis and Los Angeles (USA), London (GB) and Turin (Italy). These projects consist of several software entities, embedded (inside a rental kiosk, a charging terminal, or a car) or on the server (operational website, customer website, employees management system, equipment management system, …). We maintain, refactor and add new features to each of them.

Small is beautiful, but we like buses too! We develop monitoring systems for electrical buses named BlueBus. In the end of 2015, we helped deploy a fleet of electrical buses travelling around the Champs-Élysées in Paris for the COP21 world event. The project includes bus stations equipped with monitoring screens indicating the position of every bus.

We also work on objects without wheels! One of our system is dedicated to the monitoring of energy storage boxes (BlueStorage), which help storing electricity for different needs.

Technical stack

Python logo

django logo angular logo

postgresql logo redis logo elastic logo rabbitmq logo

Can't recognize all logos? We could not either. Here they are: Python, Django, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ. [1]

Open source

We use open source softwares and try to contribute back by participating in open source projects and publishing some of our tools and softwares as open source. See our open source web site or our GitHub organization for further details.

Contact us

Want to send us feedback about an article? Do not hesitate to email us.

Interested in joining our team? Send us your resume. If you speak French, take a look at our careers page first.

[1]FIXME: we write C code too. Can someone find a proper logo? Perhaps we should rewrite it in Go, at least it has a nice mascot.