Engineering at Polyconseil

A technical insight into our staple food
  1. Deploy and use external-dns for Route53 in Kubernetes with Helm and Terraform

    As we migrate our SaaS apps to the AWS cloud, (and Kubernetes clusters specifically), it is imperative for us to be able to quickly deploy our applications, and to have a fully qualified domain name that doesn't change regardless of what happens to our resources. We tried a hack using a lambda function and tags, but it wasn't good enough. We looked at external-dns, and it appears to fulfill our needs, but no one on the Internet had shared their experiences with external-dns matching our needs. So I guess I'll be the first one to!

  2. Handling logs on AWS

    As we migrate our IT systems to the AWS cloud, it is imperative for us to be able to monitor their health and security. AWS does provide a range of tools for logging, however they feel fragmented and balky at times. Looking through logs in the dedicated AWS services was awkward at best, frustrating at worst, and definitely time-consuming. We needed a centralised, robust log storage and management infrastructure that we could control. So I built one!

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