Engineering at Polyconseil

A technical insight into our staple food
  1. Migrating from json to jsonb

    How we migrated our PostgreSQL-based applications from text-formatted json to jsonb.

  2. Handling locks during database schema updates

    Database schema updates are inevitable. And we need to perform these updates while keeping the system up and responding. This can be a little scary at times, particularly when you remember this cloudy Tuesday when dozens of your customers called because everything seemed broken after running such a migration (I know you've been there too).

  3. Serious i18n text search

    Use Django, nece and PostgreSQL for serious internationalized text search and completion.

  4. PostgreSQL fine-tuning

    A survey of our strategy in failure and disaster recovery, as well as the configuration of our PostgreSQL instances. Our goal is to achieve a high level of reliability while letting PostgreSQL operate at maximum speed, mostly in-memory, running replication and on-disk persistence asynchronously.

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